Bijlokekaai 7
9000 Gent

De Bijloke is located in the city centre at a 18 – 20 minutes’ walking distance from the hotels and at a 7 minutes’ walk from the nearest tram stop.

You can enter the site through two entrances:

  • Bijlokekaai 7
  • Godshuizenlaan 2

How to get there

Travel to Belgium to Brussels Airport. From there, you can easily take the train to the train station Gent Sint-Pieters. Directly from the airport at level -1, you can access the train station and take a direct train to the Ghent Sint-Pieters station in 56 min.

There are at least 2 direct trains per hour from Brussels Airport, from Brussels Central Railway Station and from Brussels South Railway Station, with a stop in Gent Sint-Pieters. These are trains with terminus Oostende, Blankenberge or Knokke.

You can buy your train tickets at https://www.belgiantrain.be/en using “from: Brussels Airport”, and “To: Ghent St Pieters”, choose the dates, pay by credit card and receive a pdf of your tickets that you have to print and take with you.

The Bijloke site is located 1 kilometer from Gent-Sint-Pieters station, a fifteen minute walk. You can also take tram 1 or 3 at the station to Godshuizenlaan. The closest access to the Bijloke site for those coming from the station is the access at Godshuizenlaan 2, at the height (at Stadsmuseum STAM).

The Bijloke site is located on one side against the small city ring of Ghent and is therefore easily accessible by car, even after the introduction of the circulation plan. There is no parking on the historic Bijloke site itself. There is extensive parking in the surrounding streets and several underground car parks are within walking distance.

Parking in the surrounding streets

De Bijloke is located in the orange parking zone for paid parking. The parking times and rates can be found here. There are many parking spaces available in the streets around the Bijloke site, but these are quickly taken up at busy concerts. Allow plenty of time when planning your evening. Pay attention to the signs for residents’ parking, these places are reserved for local residents.

On the ring road, turn off at the lights near Bijlokehof to drive the following loop:

  • Bijlokehof/ Louis Pasteurlaan (cross parking on both sides)
  • Jozef Kluyskensstraat (cross-street parking on both sides, two wheelchair spaces near the entrance).
  • Bijlokekaai: NEW: a parking strip has been provided over the entire length of the redeveloped Bijlokekaai.
  • Along the Godshuizenlaan.

(parking lanes marked in green)

Parking nearby

There are several large underground car parks within walking distance of the Bijloke.

  • Parking Kouter (425 spots at 900 m – 11 min walk) – WALKING ROUTE
  • Parking Sint-Pietersplein (700 spots at 1 km – 12 min walk) – WALKING ROUTE
  • Parking Gent Zuid (1000 spots – at 1,2 km – 15 min walk) – WALKING ROUTE
  • Parking Sint Michiels (600 spots – op 1,1 km – 13 min walk) – WALKKING ROUTE
  • Parking Sint Pieters Station (1500 spots – 15 min walk) – WALKING ROUTE

Park & ​​Ride

Motorists can also take advantage of the park-and-ride offer on the outskirts of the city and then switch to public transport. The following P+R car parks have a direct tram connection with the Bijloke site.

Low Emission Zone

From January 2020, a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) is established in Ghent within the small ring road (R40). Older diesel cars are no longer allowed to enter that zone. Foreign cars must register their license plates before entering the LEZ. The Bijloke site borders the R40, so de facto the Muziekcentrum remains accessible, regardless of which car you drive. If your car is not registered and allowed to enter the LEZ, you should of course park along the city ring and not drive into the surrounding streets. The Gent Zuid underground car park will also remain accessible without entering the LEZ. From there you can walk for 15 minutes or take bus 6 to the Bijloke site.

At the entrance at Godshuizenlaan 2 there is a large covered bicycle parking with camera surveillance (photo). You can also cycle to the entrace via Bijlokekaai 7, where you will also find (uncovered) bicycle parking.

The public transport network of Ghent is operated by the company De Lijn and consists of trams and buses.

There are bus and tram stops near De Bijloke. So you can:

  • From Gent Sint-Pietersstation or from Korenmarkt you can easily take tram 1 or tram 3 (stop Bijlokehof).

For more information click here

From the Ghent St. Pieters Station, you can ask your driver to direct you to the Bijloke site.

Taxi companies:

GHENT (Belgium), Bijloke site

The Bijloke site became a listed site in 1980 and the restoration of the site won the Flemish Monument Prize in 2011.

Did you know that the Bijloke site was the centre of healthcare in Ghent for more than 750 years? Today, it is the beating cultural heart of Ghent. The Maria hospital moved from the city centre to the Bijlokemeersen pastures in the 13th century. Later, an abbey for Cistercian nuns was established next to the Bijloke hospital.  This long history of healthcare on the Bijloke site came to an end in 1982. Since then, the site has transformed into a campus for culture, art and education, where architecture and the cohesion of the site are central.

KASK School of Arts & HOGENT music school, Bijloke Music Centre and Ghent City Museum (STAM) are a few of the many organisations that find their home at this unique site today. The gardens literally connect the different cultural organisations at the Bijloke site.